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  1. $100 cancellation fee and other charges may apply due to aircraft repositioning and ferry costs. No shows will forfeit their flight.
  2. Gift Vouchers are only valid with receipt of full payment.
  3. Should your flight be part of a Top Gun Travel Package that includes airfares or accommodation, (or both), the ability to book your adventure flight in on a particular date will rely on suitable airline and/or  hotel availability for the class tickets and accommodation included in your package.  We recommend calling at least 30 days in advance to your desired date and avoid public holidays to help ensure adequate availability, of which Top Gun cannot guarantee.  Once your booking has been made with Top Gun, and airline and hotel accommodation has been arranged on your behalf, any changes in travel dates will be subject to the terms and conditions as set by the airline and/or hotel in question and the conditions above and fees associated with such changes will remain the full responsibility of the passenger.
  4. The purchaser of a Gift Voucher who buys a flight for a third party has the responsibility to ensure the passenger is fully aware of the planned flight at least 24 hours prior to the event and of these Terms and Conditions. 
  5. Flight bookings are non-refundable for any reason whatsoever, but transferable by request in writing and will be honoured for the bearer subject to the conditions above.
  6. For any questions phone:  1300 38 65 38 or +61 3 6260 2329 or on the mobile at +61 4 1588 9048 or email us at [email protected].

These Terms & Conditions comply with the Australian Government’s Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) guide lines.  Please understand your consumer rights prior to purchasing.  More info can be found at


Aerobatic flight is inherently more dangerous than normal routine flight operations such as Commercial Regular Public Transport, Charter, and General Aviation. However, we have identified specific areas that will limit our Operational Risk to a minimum increasing safety to a maximum :


Our Jet Provost aircraft are carefully maintained in accordance with a CASA approved “Schedule of Maintenance” which has been modeled from that used by the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force (RAF). Our Jet Provosts last flew with the RAF on active service and we have the original logbooks formally maintained by them along with a complete maintenance library. Our Nanchang aircraft are maintained to the same high standard using the maintenance systems used by the Chinese Air Force. We operate our aircraft with a LIMITED CATEGORY CERTIFICATE OF AIRWORTHINESS which requires us to follow strict guidelines as set forth by the Australian Warbird Association Ltd of which we are a member.


We specifically chose to fly the Jet Provost Mk5a and CJ6a Nanchang because they were designed tough as Military Trainers making them robust, reliable, and aerodynamically predictable. The Jet Provost has one of the safest track records of any military jet aircraft and it is for this reason that the RAF chose to operate the series for so long. The “Side by Side” seating arrangement allows the pilot to look after the passenger easily and adds to the pilot’s overall situational awareness, adding to safety.


Unlike other Jet Adventure Companies, you will ALWAYS have a highly experienced MILITARY TRAINNED FIGHTER PILOT as your Mission Commander. This adds credibility, discipline, professionalism, and an undisputable proven past performance to all our flight packages adding to the overall safety of each mission.


Our main base of operation is Hobart Intl. Airport. We are the only Jet Adventure Company operating from a capital city airport in Australia, which gives us the added safety and infrastructure that comes with a large airport such as a long and wide runway, Air Traffic Control, Safety and Rescue Crews, 24/7 Security, and modern passenger facilities. Hobart and Tasmania also gives us not only fantastic scenery but uncluttered airspace with minimal air traffic. We have a designated operational area out over Storm Bay which keeps us free from local traffic adding to our overall safety but does restrict our fantastic adventures.

“Operational Risk Management” (ORM) is a systematic program that helps us reduce the limited additional risk involved with aerobatic adventure flight operations allowing us to help ensure we can attain our number one Mission Objective, SAFETY! (Go to “About Us” for details on our Mission Objectives). We are convinced that we offer the safest, most authentic and professional adventure flight service in the world. That’s why we are known as “Australia’s premier adventure flight company.”