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About Us

Our aircraft are carefully maintained in accordance with CASA approved “Schedules of Maintenance” which have been modeled from those used by the Air Forces who operated our aircraft while in active military service. We operate our aircraft with a LIMITED CATEGORY CERTIFICATE OF AIRWORTHINESS which requires us to follow strict guidelines as set forth by the Australian Warbird Association Ltd, of which we are a member.

Operational Risk Management

(ORM) is a systematic program that helps us reduce the limited additional risk involved with aerobatic adventure flight operations allowing us to help ensure we can attain our number one Mission Objective, SAFETY! (Go to “About Us” for details on our Mission Objectives). We are convinced that we offer the safest, most authentic and professional adventure flight service in the world. That’s why we are known as “Australia’s premier adventure flight company.”

Mission Commander

Unlike other Jet Adventure Companies, you will ALWAYS have a highly experienced MILITARY TRAINED FIGHTER PILOT as your Mission Commander. This adds credibility, discipline, professionalism, and an indisputable proven past performance to all our flight packages adding to the overall safety of each mission.

aerobatic flight

Aerobatic flight is inherently more dangerous than normal routine flight operations such as Commercial Regular Public Transport, Charter, and General Aviation. However, as former military pilots we have identified specific areas that will limit our Operational Risk to a minimum, increasing safety to a maximum.

Operating Location

We take our duty of care to our passengers very seriously and therefore only fly from airfields which meet our strict safety margin requirements which are modelled from our military experience. Our two main bases of operation, Hobart Intl. Airport and Sydney-Illawara Regional Airport gives us the added safety and infrastructure that comes with a larger airport such as a long and wide runway, Air Traffic Control, Safety and Rescue Crews, 24/7 Security and modern passenger facilities.

Terms and Conditions

To learn more about our Terms & Conditions please click through the link HERE.