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Booking Information

Pre bookings are essential for all flight profiles. Generally, you’ll be required to pre book at least two to three weeks in advance to book in on your preferred date. However, you may get lucky so if you are only available on short notice, give us a call anyway and we’ll do our best to squeeze you in!!  We also welcome “Pop Up” (same day) flights so if you’re a tourist looking for the ultimate holiday adrenaline experience give us a call now at 1300 38 65 38  and we’ll do our best to fit you in today!!

However, the most popular way to book a flight is with a pre-paid Gift Voucher. This gives the purchaser and passenger the most flexibility. The Gift Vouchers are valid for six months, relieving the purchaser of the hassle and tricky task of scheduling the passenger on a particular day while trying to keep this great gift a secret. Once the passenger receives the Gift Voucher, he or she can call up at their own leisure and schedule a day that is convenient. Upon purchase, Gift Vouchers (which we call “Mission Letters”) will be emailed to the purchaser as specified.  The “Mission Letters” resemble authentic military “orders” and will say, “Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept, Is To Embark On The Most Thrilling Ride Of Your Life…” along with other military jargon. It’s a fun way to get the passenger in the spirit of this amazing experience!

Flights can also be paid for over time via instalments after an initial non-refundable deposit of $250 for a Warbird Flight or $500 deposit for any jet flight. The advantage of this is that it locks you in for the price of flight at the time of deposit. If the price of flights increase due to rising fuel costs, then you’ll only pay the price quoted the day of the deposit. However, if the prices go down due to lower fuel prices, then you’ll only pay the lower price. So it’s a win-win situation!! We’ll do what we can, within reason, to help you make this incredible flight become reality!!! 

Call 1300 38 65 38 now to buy a Gift Voucher, Make A Booking or ask for further information!!