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Top Gun Tasmania – Missions & Prices


Most of our missions are bought as Gift Vouchers with a 6 month validity, so there is no need to book in a particular date and time.  However, if you have one in mind, then that’s fine too.  The flight experiences are generally half day events, and 2 to 3 hours will need to be allocated. Special requests can be made to help fit in with your tight schedule if required.

Each Mission will include a Military “Top Gun” Style Mission & Safety Brief where your Military Trained FIGHTER PILOT will brief Safety Procedures, Aircraft Specifics, Flight Physiology & G Force Preparation, Detailed Manoeuvres, and Tactical Combat Theory to name just some of the topics covered. The brief alone is a fun experience for both the passenger and guests alike and sets the mood for this fantastic adventure. Then, the passenger will be suited up in genuine military flight and safety gear and is adorned with our squadron patches where they can even choose a fun “callsign” such as “Maverick”, “Ice Man”, “Goose”, etc … (if desired, you can pre-order a personalized embroidered name patch for $35) . With the briefing done and flight gear ready, the passenger and pilot will make that unforgettable walk to the aircraft. Our staff will also take some priceless “Top Gun” photos (the ultimate fridge photo!).  The Fighter Pilot does a final walk around and will be ready to “Kick the tyres and Light the Fires”!! In a matter of minutes, you’ll be strapped in and taxiing out for the ride of your life!  Before you know it, you’ll be speeding down the runway at Top Gun speeds, then pulling up into a powerful take off.  With adrenalin pumping, your excitement is equaled with awe as the world renowned Tasmanian aerial scenery unfolds before your eyes! That’s where the FUN really begins!!!

Our Fantastic “Top Gun” Jet Fighter Flight Missions

Unlike most other adventure flight operators, you are GUARANTEED to only fly with a genuine MILITARY TRAINED FIGHTER PILOT! You’ll only fly with the best, making our tailored adventures not only one of the safest but the most authentic “Top Gun” experiences available in in the world! Just another reason we’re “Australia’s Premier Adventure Flight Company”!!

Top Gun Mission 1 – “Top Gun Jet Adventure”

Your adrenalin will race like never before! After the super exciting awe inspiring takeoff, you’ll have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming!!  Once you realise that you’re actually “living a dream”, you can sit back and take in some spectacular Tasmanian views of rolling mountains combined with rugged coastline and pristine islands – truly stunning. Then comes the action of combat aerobatics flown by your Fighter Pilot Captain. You’ll do Loops, Rolls, Flips, Flops, Vertical Climbs, Inverted Flight (upside down) and feel the “speed rush” of 700 kph. Combine that with the intensity of the “G” Forces (you’ll feel up to 4G’s, your body weight x 4!), it’s an experience like no other!!  Actually, words alone can’t do it justice. It will simply be one of the most (if not the most) exciting adrenaline pumping adventures of your life! It will be remembered forever and each breathtaking moment cherished for a lifetime! Each mission is tailored to the individual passenger allowing maximum comfort, excitement and pleasure!

Duration: 20 minutes.
Price: $1,995

(add a professionally edited DVD & Photo Pack for $150 to relive all the excitement!)

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Top Gun Mission 2- “Tactical Fighter Jet Profiles”

This amazing flight starts off with the same profile as described above. Then, it’s time to experience some “real world” fighter manoeuvres as your real Military trained Fighter Pilot Captain will introduce you to actual tactical mission manoeuvres such as enemy missile defence high “G” force break turns, mock bombing & strafing runs, and multiple attack profiles. WOW!!! 

Duration: 25 minutes.
Price: $2,495.

(add a professionally edited DVD & Photo Pack for $150)

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Top Gun Mission 3 – “Low Altitude Tactics Mission”

Once again, you’ll start off with the amazing Top Gun Jet Adventure. Then you will tactically convert to the low altitude environment. You’ll fly at super fast “Top Gun” speeds at only 300m above the ground. At lower altitudes, you get the maximum “speed rush” which will make your adrenalin pump like never before.  Although breathtakingly exciting, your properly trained Fighter Pilot Captain with real world military low altitude experience in high performance state of the art jet fighters will ensure professionalism and discipline maximising your safety.  (“Don’t try this at home”!) You’ll then be introduced to low altitude tactics and low altitude target attacks such a missile jinking techniques, pop-up attacks, and high speed low level flight.

Duration: 28 minutes.
Price: $2,995.

(add a professionally edited DVD & Photo Pack for $150)

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Top Gun Mission 4 – “The Ultimate TOP GUN Jet Adventure”

For the people who simply want the best, then the Ultimate Top Gun Jet Adventure is for you!!!   This is not for the faint hearted as you’ll be taken to a place that was formerly reserved for REAL TOP GUNS.  This is the top of the line where you’ll experience a combination of all the previous flight packages rolled into one! Simply mind blowing!!!  And, upon completion, you’ll understand and appreciate the Fighter Pilot world like only the real professionals know it… quite an accomplishment and “the” ULTIMATE BRAGGING RIGHT!! It’s a rare opportunity to actually “LIVE YOUR DREAMS”!!

Duration: 35 minutes.
Price: $3,595.

(add a professionally edited DVD & Photo Pack for $150)

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Top Gun Mission 5 – “Dog Fighting”

Previously reserved for real world Fighter Pilots, this is the ultimate “bucket list” experience!!!  Based on demand, we can arrange to have at least two jets available at sleceted Top Gun Australia locations for the most dynamic aerial adventure available … Jet Dog Fighting! As with all our other flights, all passengers will have highly experienced military trained Air Combat Tactics Instructors as their pilots in command, who are all true experts in “Air Combat Manoeuvring” (ACM).  On this highly dynamic mission, you’ll take off in close jet formation with each aircraft taking turns flying in the Lead and Wingman positions on the way to the “Play Area”. Then, you’ll experience one of the most exhilarating activities there is, the Fighter Jet Dog Fight!!! There will be several full “Dogfight” set ups where each aircraft will experience the sensation of having “the enemy” in the gun sights as you pull the trigger. Although almost impossible to put into words, you’ll be amazed as our expert air combat instructor pilots make the jets dance in an air combat ballet with “fly bys” and closure rates of over 1300kph. Oh yeah, baby! 

Call 1300 38 65 38 for more details and availabilities.

Duration: 35 minutes.
Price: $4,995.

(add a professionally edited DVD & Photo Pack for $150)

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The CJ6 Nanchang “War Bird” Missions

Warbird Tasmania Mission 1 : “Classic Aerobatics”

After the full Military style flight briefing, you’ll head to the aircraft and get strapped in for an adventure of a lifetime. On take off you’ll not only feel the 285 horse power radial engine but hear it “roar” as well. It has a “classic” warbird sound that you’ll never forget. Once airborne, you’ll head to the “play area” for some amazing aerobatics flown by your Fighter Pilot Captain such as lovely loops, barrel rolls, wing covers, and aileron rolls. You’ll also get a chance to take in some of the most amazing aerial scenery found anywhere in the world (although you may be upside down!) We’ll carefully tailor the flight to fit your desires. If you want more then you get it! However, if you just want to take it easy then we can do that too! Next to safety, your enjoyment is our priority!

Duration: 35 minutes
Price: $595

(add a professionally edited DVD & Photo Pack for $150)

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Warbird Tasmania Mission 2 : “The Nanchang Reconnaissance “

This is an extra long “reconnaissance” mission which gives double the excitement of the Warbird Mission 1 at less than double the cost.  You’ll do all of the same “Classic Aerobatics” as described above ….  but more of them!!  Although this is not officially a scenic flight you can’t help but notice the amazing Tasmanian aerial scenery. We’ll fly you past Hobart for a birds eye view of the city and majestic Mt Wellington. Then you’ll head down to the beautiful Storm Bay and you’ll see some of the most scenic coastline found anywhere in the world. You’ll see Bruny Island and Mountains rolling to the west. You’ll also see the stunning coastline of the Tasman Peninsula. We’ll be doing plenty of classic aerobatics along the way to keep the “fun meter” pegged! However, that’s entirely up to you as we tailor each flight to suit our passengers desires!!!

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $995

(add a professionally edited

DVD & Photo Pack for $150)

                                                              Now that’s a photo for the fridge!!!

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*All prices are inclusive of GST and flight times include taxi time (5 to 7 minutes)

For Booking “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” scroll down

Pick Up Mission


If necessary, we can arrange to pick you up from anywhere in Tasmania with one of our Tasmanian General Aviation partners such as Tasair. Prices Vary depending on location of pickup. Call 1300 FUN JET for a quote.


If you have any further questions, or want to make a booking or order a gift certificate call us at 1300 FUN JET (1300 38 65 38) or 03 6260 2329 or 0415 889 048.

Jet Endorsement Flight Training

Do you have the desire to take the controls of a jet and learn how to fly it? Top Gun Tasmania can tailor a jet flight training syllabus to suit any already qualified Australian pilot with more than 500 hours of flight time. Training syllabuses vary depending on prior flight experience. Dan Duggan will design a syllabus to suit your experience level and train you to a top military level. If you are interested in being “endorsed” in the Jet Provost, call us at +61 3 6260 2329 or email Dan directly at [email protected]

Pre bookings are essential for all flight profiles. Generally, you’ll be required to pre book at least two weeks in advance to guarantee a particular date. However, you may get lucky so if you are only available on short notice, give us a call anyway and we’ll do our best to squeeze you in!!

The most popular way to book a flight is with a pre-paid Gift Voucher. This gives the purchaser and passenger the most flexibility. The Gift Vouchers are valid for six months, relieving the purchaser of the hassle and tricky task of scheduling the passenger on a particular day while trying to keep this great gift a secret. Once the passenger receives the Gift Voucher, he or she can call up at their own leisure and schedule a day that is convenient. The Gift voucher will be sent to the purchaser in a regular unmarked envelope to help ensure privacy and confidentiality. Inside the outer envelope will be another “Official” envelope that will be stamped “Top Secret” and made out the passenger. There will be a mission letter inside stating, “Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept, Is To Embark On The Most Thrilling Ride Of Your Life…” along with other military jargon. It’s a fun way to get the passenger in the spirit of this amazing experience!

Flights can be purchased using Master Card or Visa, Money Orders, Personal Checks, and Cash. We will send out a “Mission Confirmation” Letter or Gift Voucher packet when the money has been received and cleared. Flights can also be paid for over time via installments after an initial non refundable deposit of $500 is made. The advantage of this is that it locks you in for the price of flight at the time of deposit. If the price of flights increase due to rising fuel costs, then you’ll only pay the price quoted the day of the deposit. However, if the prices go down due to lower fuel prices, then you’ll only pay the lower price. So it’s a win-win situation!!

We’ll do what we can, within reason, to help you make this incredible flight become reality!!!

Flights times include approx 5 minutes of taxi time.

Call +61 3 6260 2329 Now to make a booking or ask for further information!!


THE MAINLANDER SPECIAL- “Tasmanian ‘Top Gun’ Adventure Get Away” FREE AIRFARE AND ACCOMMODATION!!! For a limited time, Top Gun will pay one return airfare* to Hobart from Sydney or Melbourne for a purchase of a Top Gun Tactical Profiles Mission (Jet Mission 2)! If you book a Low Level Combat Mission (Jet Mission 3) you’ll get two return airfares*!!! If you book the Ultimate Jet Adventure (Jet Mission 4), you’ll get two airfares and one night accommodation**!!!! Now that’s what you call a TOP GUN GOOD DEAL!!!! Conditions apply, call 1300 FUN JET or +61 3 6260 2329 for more details.

*This specail applies only to our Hobart operation.  Based only on the lowest fare that Virgin Blue offers for each return flight up to a maximum of $200 per return ticket. ** Based on off peak rates up to a maximum $100 per night. Terms and Conditions apply.


  1. Minimum passenger age is 14.  Passengers 17 years of age and younger will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to the pre-flight mission briefing.
  2. Passengers will be required to sign a full liability waiver prior to taking the flight and understand that the flight is taken entirely at their own risk.  Passengers 17 years of age and younger will require a parent or legal guardian to also sign the waiver.
  3. Passengers must be in general good health for their age.  Passengers must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and Top Gun reserves the right to refuse such passengers.
  4. Flight bookings apply only to the services indicated on the confirmation letter and or invoice. Extra charges will apply for a DVD of the flight, flight upgrade, or additional merchandise if they have not been pre-purchased as shown on the invoice.
  5. If a DVD of the flight is purchased and is defective or fails to record for any reason whatsoever, the liability of Top Gun Australia Pty Ltd is limited to a refund for the cost of the DVD only.
  6. Our flights are subject to suitable weather conditions and aircraft availability or any other issue that Top Gun Australia Pty Ltd considers due to safety or Government Regulations. If your flight is cancelled it will be rescheduled to another convenient date and time or location if required.
  7. Flight bookings are valid for SIX MONTHS after date of purchase (unless otherwise indicated). Extensions are available upon request at a cost of $300 for an additional 3 months.
  8. For bookings made online via this website or through one of our selected booking agents, there is no way to guarantee your preferred booking date and time until confirmed by Top Gun operations personnel.
  9. A cancellation or change to a scheduled flight less than 7 days from the fly date will incur $50 administration fee. Cancellations or changes inside of 24 hours will incur a $100 cancellation fee and other charges may apply due to aircraft repositioning and ferry costs. No shows will forfeit their flight.
  10. Gift Vouchers are only valid with receipt of full payment.
  11. Should your flight be part of a Top Gun Travel Package that includes airfares or accommodation, (or both), the ability to book your adventure flight in on a particular date will rely on suitable airline and/or  hotel availability for the class tickets and accommodation included in your package.  We recommend calling at least 30 days in advance to your desired date and avoid public holidays to help ensure adequate availability, of which Top Gun cannot guarantee.  Once your booking has been made with Top Gun, and airline and hotel accommodation has been arranged on your behalf, any changes in travel dates will be subject to the terms and conditions as set by the airline and/or hotel in question and the conditions above and fees associated with such changes will remain the full responsibility of the passenger.
  12. The purchaser of a Gift Voucher who buys a flight for a third party has the responsibility to ensure the passenger is fully aware of the planned flight at least 24 hours prior to the event and of these Terms and Conditions. 
  13. Flight bookings are non-refundable for any reason whatsoever, but transferable by request in writing and will be honoured for the bearer subject to the conditions above.
  14. For any questions phone:  1300 38 65 38 or +61 3 6260 2329 or on the mobile at +61 4 1588 9048 or email us at [email protected].

These Terms & Conditions comply with the Australian Government’s Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) guide lines.  Please understand your consumer rights prior to purchasing.  More info can be found at

Operational Risk Management Program

Aerobatic flight is inherently more dangerous than normal routine flight operations such as Commercial Regular Public Transport, Charter, and General Aviation. However, we have identified specific areas that will limit our Operational Risk to a minimum increasing safety to a maximum :


Our Jet Provost aircraft are carefully maintained in accordance with a CASA approved “Schedule of Maintenance” which has been modeled from that used by the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force (RAF). Our Jet Provosts last flew with the RAF on active service and we have the original logbooks formally maintained by them along with a complete maintenance library. Our Nanchang aircraft are maintained to the same high standard using the maintenance systems used by the Chinese Air Force. We operate our aircraft with a LIMITED CATEGORY CERTIFICATE OF AIRWORTHINESS which requires us to follow strict guidelines as set forth by the Australian Warbird Association Ltd of which we are a member.

Aircraft Choice

We specifically chose to fly the Jet Provost Mk5a and CJ6a Nanchang because they were designed tough as Military Trainers making them robust, reliable, and aerodynamically predictable. The Jet Provost has one of the safest track records of any military jet aircraft and it is for this reason that the RAF chose to operate the series for so long. The “Side by Side” seating arrangement allows the pilot to look after the passenger easily and adds to the pilot’s overall situational awareness, adding to safety.

Pilot Training

Unlike other Jet Adventure Companies, you will ALWAYS have a highly experienced MILITARY TRAINNED FIGHTER PILOT as your Mission Commander. This adds credibility, discipline, professionalism, and an undisputable proven past performance to all our flight packages adding to the overall safety of each mission.

Operating Location

Our main base of operation is Hobart Intl. Airport. We are the only Jet Adventure Company operating from a capital city airport in Australia, which gives us the added safety and infrastructure that comes with a large airport such as a long and wide runway, Air Traffic Control, Safety and Rescue Crews, 24/7 Security, and modern passenger facilities. Hobart and Tasmania also gives us not only fantastic scenery but uncluttered airspace with minimal air traffic. We have a designated operational area out over Storm Bay which keeps us free from local traffic adding to our overall safety but does restrict our fantastic adventures.

“Operational Risk Management” (ORM) is a systematic program that helps us reduce the limited additional risk involved with aerobatic adventure flight operations allowing us to help ensure we can attain our number one Mission Objective, SAFETY! (Go to “About Us” for details on our Mission Objectives). We are convinced that we offer the safest, most authentic and professional adventure flight service in the world. That’s why we are known as “Australia’s premier adventure flight company.”