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Mission Overview



Most of our missions are bought as Gift Vouchers with a 6 month validity, so there is no need to book in a particular date and time.  However, if you have one in mind, then that’s fine too.  The flight experiences are generally half day events, and 2 to 3 hours will need to be allocated. Special requests can be made to help fit in with your tight schedule if required.

Each Mission will include a Military “Top Gun” Style Mission & Safety Brief where your Military Trained FIGHTER PILOT will brief Safety Procedures, Aircraft Specifics, Flight Physiology & G Force Preparation, Detailed Manoeuvres, and Tactical Combat Theory to name just some of the topics covered. The brief alone is a fun experience for both the passenger and guests alike and sets the mood for this fantastic adventure. Then, the passenger will be suited up in genuine military flight and safety gear and is adorned with our squadron patches where they can even choose a fun “callsign” such as “Maverick”, “Ice Man”, “Goose”, etc … (if desired, you can pre-order a personalized embroidered name patch for $35) . With the briefing done and flight gear ready, the passenger and pilot will make that unforgettable walk to the aircraft. Our staff will also take some priceless “Top Gun” photos (the ultimate fridge photo!).  The Fighter Pilot does a final walk around and will be ready to “Kick the tyres and Light the Fires”!! In a matter of minutes, you’ll be strapped in and taxiing out for the ride of your life!  Before you know it, you’ll be speeding down the runway at Top Gun speeds, then pulling up into a powerful take off.  With adrenalin pumping, your excitement is equaled with awe as the world renowned Tasmanian aerial scenery unfolds before your eyes! That’s where the FUN really begins!!!


Your adrenalin will race like never before! After the super exciting awe inspiring takeoff, you’ll have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming!!  Once you realise that you’re actually “living a dream”, you can sit back and take in some spectacular Tasmanian views of rolling mountains combined with rugged coastline and pristine islands – truly stunning. Then comes the action of combat aerobatics flown by your Fighter Pilot Captain. You’ll do Loops, Rolls, Flips, Flops, Vertical Climbs, Inverted Flight (upside down) and feel the “speed rush” of 700 kph. Combine that with the intensity of the “G” Forces (you’ll feel up to 4G’s, your body weight x 4!), it’s an experience like no other!!  Actually, words alone can’t do it justice. It will simply be one of the most (if not the most) exciting adrenaline pumping adventures of your life! It will be remembered forever and each breathtaking moment cherished for a lifetime! Each mission is tailored to the individual passenger allowing maximum comfort, excitement and pleasur