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We, at Top Gun Tasmania have an easy job when in comes to making people happy! We have yet to have an unsatisfied customer. Just hear what a few have to say.

“That was the most amazing experience of my life””


DVD & Photo Pack- $150 This is a customised, personalised, and edited 2 disc package which not only has a DVD with this once in a life time experience from start up to shut down and all of the amazing Manoeuvres in between, but also comes with a “Data Disc” which will have the raw video files and heaps of grabbed images and photos taken throughout the day. It’s a great way to relive your experience again and again while sharing it with your family and friends. It’s the ultimate bragging tool!! Fighter Pilot Jacket With Personalised Name Patch- $295 Be proud of your achievement and look sharp with the Top Gun Tasmania Fighter Pilot Jacket complete with Squadron Badge, 2 Shoulder Patches, and Personalised Name Patch New Genuine US Naval Aviator’s “G-1” Leather Jacket.  This is the jacket that all U.S. Navy and Marine Corps pilots get issued when they check into Naval Air Station Pensicola Florida to start their flight training.  Also, its the same type of jacket that Tom Cruise wears in the movie “Top Gun” – $825 (patches also available for an extra price) THE COUPON JET ADVENTURE SPECIAL. For only $10 you can go into the draw to win a TOP GUN JET ADVENTURE (Mission1) !! How does it work? We have coupon books with 200 coupons per book, and each coupon costs $10. For every book of 200 coupons sold, we draw one coupon at random giving you a 1 in 200 chance to win the flight for only $10. Of course, you can increase your odds by purchasing more than one. Each coupon can also be used as a 10% discount towards any Top Gun Australia Adventure Flight. Coupons are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. So make sure you keep your coupons!!!! Upon drawing a winner, Top Gun will contact the person who’s name appears on the ticket stub within 48 hours of the draw.  Once contacted the winner will have 6 months to call up and book their flight for themselves or they may give the flight to another person should they wish. In any case, as with all our passengers, the person taking the flight must comply with our passenger Terms & Conditions.  All other non winning Coupons are valid for 12 months and are not transferable. Call for further details! Coupon Book with numbers 2401 to 2600 Nick Brown, Campania, Tas. Coupon No. 2590. Nick bought only one ticket at the Richmond Arms Pub and absolutely loved his flight! Coupon Book with numbers 1401 to 1600 Gary Harrison, Lauderdale, Tas. Coupon No. 1547. Gary, too, bought only one ticket and he cant wait for the ride of his life!