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T's & C's

Booking Terms and Conditions (JAN2015)

1. Minimum passenger age is 14. Passengers 17 years of age and younger will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to the pre-flight mission briefing. Top Gun has the right to refuse any passenger based on maturity and size.

2. Passengers will be required to sign a full liability waiver release and acknowledgement prior to taking the flight and understand that the flight is taken entirely at their own risk. Passengers 17 years of age and younger will require a parent or legal guardian to also sign the waiver.

3. Passengers understand they are flying in authentic ex military aircraft which were designed for special operations, and as they were while in active military service, were not and are not operated to the same safety standards required for normal civilian commercial passenger operations.

4. Passengers must be in general good health for their age. Passengers must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and Top Gun reserves the right to refuse such passengers.

5. Flight bookings apply only to the services indicated on the confirmation letter and or invoice. Extra charges will apply for a DVD of the flight, flight upgrade, or additional merchandise if they have not been pre-purchased as shown on the invoice.

6. If a DVD of the flight is purchased and is defective or fails to record for any reason whatsoever, the liability of Top Gun Australia Pty Ltd is limited to a refund for the cost of the DVD only.

7. Our flights are subject to suitable weather conditions and aircraft availability or any other issue that Top Gun Australia Pty Ltd considers due to safety or Government Regulations. If your flight is cancelled it will be rescheduled to another convenient date and time or location if required.

8. Flight bookings are valid for SIX MONTHS after date of purchase (unless otherwise indicated). Extensions may be granted, however, they will be subject to additional charges which will be dependent on the time frame of expiry and type of flight.

9. For bookings made online via this website or through one of our selected booking agents, there is no way to guarantee your preferred booking date and time until confirmed by Top Gun operations personnel.

10. A cancellation or change to a scheduled flight less than 7 days from the fly date will incur $50 administration fee. Cancellations or changes inside of 24 hours will incur a $100 cancellation fee and other charges may apply due to aircraft repositioning and ferry costs. No shows will forfeit their flight.

11. Gift Vouchers are only valid with receipt of full payment.

12. Should your flight be part of a Top Gun Travel Package that includes airfares or accommodation, (or both), the ability to book your adventure flight on a particular date will rely on suitable airline and/or hotel availability for the class tickets and accommodation included in your package. We recommend calling at least 30 days in advance to your desired date and avoid public holidays to help ensure adequate availability, of which Top Gun cannot guarantee. Once your booking has been made with Top Gun, and airline and hotel accommodation has been arranged on your behalf, any changes in travel dates will be subject to the terms and conditions as set by the airline and/or hotel in question and the conditions above and fees associated with such changes will remain the full responsibility of the passenger.

13. The purchaser of a Gift Voucher who buys a flight for a third party has the responsibility to ensure the passenger is fully aware of the planned flight at least 24 hours prior to the event and of these Terms and Conditions.

14. Flight bookings are non-refundable for any reason whatsoever, but transferable by request in writing and will be honoured for the bearer subject to these Terms and Conditions.

15. For any questions phone: 1300 38 65 38 or  +61 (0)417 099 429 or email us at [email protected]

16. These Terms & Conditions comply with the Australian Government’s Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) guide lines. More info can be found at