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Mission Objectives


“Objective 1” is to carry out our flight experiences in the safest and most professional manner possible. To us, safety is “priority one” and is our commitment to you!!! Our aircraft are carefully maintained in accordance with a CASA approved “Maintenance Schedule” and are subjected to routine inspections and servicing on a daily basis. Further, ALL our pilots are military trained fighter pilots and will carry out the “Mission” with the highest degree of discipline and professionalism, ensuring that your safety is not compromised.

“Objective 2” is passenger comfort and enjoyment. We know these experiences are a life long dream for most of our passengers. We will endeavor to make sure that the passenger and guests will remember this “once in a lifetime” experience with the fondest of memories. We also know these flights are not cheap and that the purchaser and passenger have worked long and hard to make this dream a reality. In order to maximise comfort, our experienced pilots will personally tailor each flight to the passenger. We will not rest until the mission is complete and our clients are as satisfied as possible.

“Objective 3” is to be a “Good Neighbour”. We are aware of the sensitive noise issues associated with our jet adventure operations. It is important to know that we have self imposed restrictions on our flight operations and adhere to very strict noise abatement procedures. Although our aircraft are much smaller and quieter than the commercial jets already flying from Hobart International Airport, we will avoid noise sensitive areas and limit our flight time in the airport area to the least amount possible to maintain safe flight profiles. The majority of our flights are flown out over the water which adds to safety reducing the possibility of severe turbulence and also minimizes our noise impact to populated areas.