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Incentives & Rewards

Our specialty is corporate and group events so let Top Gun Australia organise the ultimate event or business promotion with its unique eye catching ability to turn heads, be noticed, team build, and make dreams a reality with a fantastic reward for your top achievers. If it’s motivation and fun you’re after, it’s motivation and fun you’ll get!!

We can tailor a unique corporate Top Gun event to fit your needs. We have great group discounts and can plan the entire event from catering, accommodation, travel, charter flights, and what ever other special service your group requires. We will execute the mission with military precision and ensure that all aspects are handled with care and attention to detail. We can also give you all the tools necessary to run an internal company promotion or an external marketing campaign.

Our unique packages will help you:

  • Reward your best employees and top performers
  • Instill a bit of friendly competition by giving your people a goal that could turn a dream into reality
  • Build a strong team attitude  known in the Military World as “Esprit de Corps”
  • Turn any marketing promotion into a unique jet adventure eye catching event
  • Thank your most loyal and faithful clients and customers

Would you pay an extra $5.50 per day for your top employees? Then, why not reward them with a “once in a lifetime” Top Gun Jet Fighter experience to show your appreciation! Combine it with our Unique Personal Development programs and make it TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

For more details on our corporate events email us at or call the office at 1300 38 65 38