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Formation Missions


This jet fighter and warbird experience is an adrenalin adventure that you’ll be talking about over dinner parties and thrilling your grandchildren for years to come!!  It also makes the ultimate “Couples Adventure” and allows an opportunity for both passengers to experience close in military formation flying.  It will blow your mind and will give you a once in a life time photo opportunity!!  This exciting adventure combines all the manoeuvres of our Top Gun Jet Mission 1 and Classic Warbird Mission 1 respectively, plus adds the unique thrilling opportunity to experience and watch our true Top Gun experts fly their aircraft “up close and personal”.  Words  can’t do it justice.  To really know what it’s like you just have to do it!  If you already have any Jet Mission or Warbird Mission, why not upgrade for a bit extra to take full advantage of your Top Gun adventure!!! 

Location Availability: Hobart (TAS)

(Also occassionally available from Sydney-Illawara, Call for details)
Duration: Approximately 35 minutes in total.
Total Price: $2990 plus GST (10%) [Warbird $795 plus GST/ Jet $2195 plus GST]
(Add a professionally edited Video & Photo Top Gun USB for $150)


Previously reserved for real world Fighter Pilots, this is the ultimate “bucket list” experience!!! Based on demand, we can arrange to have at least two jets available at sleceted Top Gun Australia locations for the most dynamic aerial adventure available … Jet Dog Fighting! As with all our other flights, all passengers will have highly experienced military trained Air Combat Tactics Instructors as their pilots in command, who are all true experts in “Air Combat Manoeuvring” (ACM). On this highly dynamic mission, you’ll take off in close jet formation with each aircraft taking turns flying in the Lead and Wingman positions on the way to the “Play Area”. Then, you’ll experience one of the most exhilarating activities there is, the Fighter Jet Dog Fight!!! There will be several mock full “Dogfight” set ups where each aircraft will experience the sensation of having “the enemy” in the gun sights as you pull the trigger. Although almost impossible to put into words, you’ll be amazed as our expert air combat instructor pilots make the jets dance in an aerial combat ballet with “fly bys” and closure rates of over 1500kph. Oh yeah, baby! Call 1300 38 65 38 for more details and availabilities.

Location Availability: Occassionally from Sydney-Illawara (NSW) and Hobart (TAS).

Call or email for availability.
Duration: 35 minutes.
Price: $4,995 plus GST (10%) (Add a professionally edited Video & Photo Top Gun USB for $150)

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