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  • TOP SECRET!! Your Mission, should you choose to accept, is to fly in a REAL MILITARY AIRCRAFT flown by a REAL MILITARY FIGHTER PILOT!  

    That’s right, this could be you flying in our sleek L39C Albatross Military Jet!!  Capable of  900 kph and 8 G’s, it will be the ride of your lifetime!! Top Gun Flights in this sexy jet are available from Sydney-Illawarra Regional Airport at Albion Park NSW.

  • The British built Jet Provost Mk5A was one of the most succesful jet fighter trainers ever flown by the British Royal Air Force. With a powerful Rolls Royce turbo jet engine, you’ll twist and turn through the sky in true Top Gun style during high “G” jet aerobatics! It’s unique side by side seating puts you right up in the co-pilots seat!!  Flights in the “JP5” are available from  Hobart Intl. Airport.  See “Mission & Prices” for more details.

  • Whether you fly in our jets or in our CJ6 NANCHANG “Warbird”, you’ll always have a military trained FIGHTER PILOT at the controls so you’re only flying with the best!!  Don’t settle for anything less!  Flights in the “Chang” are available from Hobart Intl. Airport and start from $595.

    See all the adrenaline packed flight options on the “Missions & Prices” page.

  • See Living Room hosts Chris Brown (Bondi Vet.) and Miguel Maestre (Celebrity Chef) take to the skies for the Ultimate Top Gun Adventure!
    See it here:
    Go to “Full Episodes” and then Play:
     “Living Room – S2 Ep. 1 (1/6)”

Our online booking sysytem is under development.

To book your flights please call 1800 TOP GUN (1800 867 486).