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The Ultimate Last Minute Gift!

It’s simple and secure, purchase here with a Master Card or Visa via our Pay Pal system & Print your own Gift Voucher in just a few minutes!  That’s it, “Last Minute” Gift Crisis Resolved!

Don’t have a printer? Then Call 1300 38 65 38 and we’ll print one for you and Express Mail or Deliver it to you in “Top Secret” style so the element of surprise is maintained!



Why’s That? …

It comes down to our EXPERIENCE, AUTHENTICTY & CREDIBILITY, PROFESSIONALISM, VALUE, OPERATING LOCATION, INFRASTRUCTURE, RESPONSIBILITY and, most importantly, all of these attributes contribute to our “Priority One” – SAFETY!  

Don’t settle for anything less!! Read further for more info…

  • Unlike most other adventure flight operators, ALL PASSENGERS fly with MILITARY TRAINED FAST TACTICAL JET FIGHTER PILOTS who flew some of the most advanced modern fighters in the world.  Our pilots are experts in not only tactical fighter aviation, but were senior AIR COMBAT “DOG FIGHT” INSTRUCTORS who routinely flew and instructed on some of the most advanced weapons systems in modern military aviation!  They are simply the best in the business with an undisputable past proven performance and will give the passenger not only the most authentic Top Gun experience available, but will be able to share some of their former experiences, that were previously reserved for the Fighter Pilot Elite!  Simply, they’re not civilian trained and endorsed or transport pilots, but REAL TOP GUNS!
  • Value for money!  As Australia’s leading military adventure flight company, we fly hundreds of flights a year, so we can keep our prices the most competitive in the world giving you unrivaled value for money!  
  • Unspoiled World Renowned Tasmanian Aerial Scenery.  Rocky coastline, white sandy beaches, pristine islands, peninsulas, snow capped mountains, you name it, we have it! It’s simply some of the best in the world and comes as a bonus!
  • We’re NOT a “Hobby” or “Part Time” business run by “enthusiasts”.  We are Professionals, and fly 6 days a week, year round from several Tasmanian locations.  We have been featured in several magazines, news papers and on TV, most recently being on the “Discover Tasmania TV Series” where celebrity chef “Fast Ed” Halmagyi went up for the ride of his life! Read Ed’s “Top Gun” Testimonial
  • We are the only adventure flight company that has been approved to fly from a capital city airport in Australia. This makes it quite convenient for our customers and corporate clients from around Australia and the world as Hobart International Airport, our home base, is serviced with several daily direct flights from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane.  Hobart, with it’s capital city airport infrastructure and limited air traffic, gives us both a substantial performance and operational safety margin.
  • Ample and Authentic Flight Equipment.  We specialise in corporate and group events and have plenty of helmets, flight suits, oxygen masks and other life support equipment to ensure a proper fit and a clean un used flight suit for each passenger.
  • Meticulously maintained aircraft.  Our engineers are highly regarded as Australia’s experts in Warbird Aviation.
  • Community Responsibility. Part of being a leader is to set the standard and to respect and honour the surrounding community and environment.  We are also proud to support several charities throughout the year. (Supported Charities).  We helped raised over $20,000 in 2009 and well on our way to top that in 2010!  So by flying with us, you’ll help us give back to the community!




Have you dreamed of what it would be like to be a Fighter Pilot?… To feel the G Forces and Adrenalin Pumping through your body as you race through the sky at Top GUN Speeds?!! Well, you don’t have to dream anymore!!! We can give you or that special person in your life a “Once In A Life Time” UNFORGETTABLE ADRENALIN ADVENTURE that will make the PERFECT GIFT, HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE, or DREAM COME TRUE!!  We have several Jet Fighter Flights and Warbird Flights available and no words can describe the exhilaration of our incredible adventures – you have to experience it for yourself! There are several “Missions” to choose from (see them all on the “Missions & Prices” page). Each half-day adventure includes a full military “Top Gun” style Safety and Mission Brief covering safety procedures, the area of operations, weapons delivery and G-force preparation. Friends and family are more than welcome to come along and cheer on their honourary “Top Gun”.

Unlike most other Australian Adventure Flight companies, we guarantee that your pilot will be a REAL TOP GUN MILITARY TRAINED FIGHTER PILOT, who will introduce you to a world that was formerly reserved for the Fighter Pilot elite. Brace yourself for the G-forces during the High G Force Jet Fighter Aerobatics! Experience the incredible adventures of actual Aerial Combat Manoeuvres. You’ll be introduced to bombing attacks and missile defence manoeuvres that will just blow you away!! Upon return to base, it’s time for the debriefing. This gives you a chance to catch your breath and begin to try to comprehend what you have just done.

Home base for Top Gun Tasmania is Hobart Intl. Airport, the only capital city airport in Australia where jet adventure flights are available. We also fly occasionally from other beautiful Tasmanian locations such as Launceston, Devonport, and Wynyard. Call for details.

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